Atlanta Braves Pitcher, John Smoltz read The Monster Who Ate My Peas to a group of children at Turner Field on Thursday, February 10th, 2005.    His excellent recitation will be accessible for viewing by students, parents, and teachers via the Georgia Public Broadcasting satellite, Web cast, and on DVDs distributed to Georgia’s 1,200 elementary schools as part of Georgia Department of Education’s “Georgia Read More” project.  The Georgia Department of Education’s Georgia Read More project is a literacy initiative in collaboration with the Georgia Technology Authority and Georgia Public Broadcasting.  Scholastic Books and Peachtree Publishers have provided books and copyright permission for several of their titles for this project.  Other celebrities involved in “Georgia Read More” include President Jimmy Carter and Travis Tritt.




The Monster Who Ate My Peas has won the 2003-2004 Young Hoosier Book Award!

Thanks to all the kids in Indiana who voted for The Monster Who Ate My Peas and helped it to win.  The book has also been nominated for Readers Choice Awards in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Maryland, and Virginia.  Woo hoo!





The Monster Who Ate My Peas was selected to represent the state of Georgia at the 2004 National Book Festival in Washington D.C.!





Have you heard about Danny’s upcoming book?   Danny says, “The Monster Who Did My Math is an “almost somewhat totally true” recounting of my childhood struggle with Math Anxiety.  When I was in fourth grade I used to beg my dad to help with my Math homework.  He would get out his calculator and figure stuff out, but I couldn’t understand what he was doing and he didn’t explain what he was doing.  The next day, I’d take his answers to school and they would be wrong!   I thought, if my dad, who was a college professor, can’t get the right answer with a calculator, what chance do I have?  My math anxiety lasted into my twenties, but has now disappeared.  I love Math now.  Recently, I was making a picture frame for one of my paintings and I realized I was using algebra to do it!  I almost fainted.  I was working Math with a smile on my face.  So, Math and Art can live together after all!”  The Monster Who Did My Math is due in 2005 or 2006, from Peachtree Publishers.



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