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Student imaginations will soar in Danny’s “The Spark to Write” Assembly.  They’ll sing, draw monsters, and learn about careers in writing.  They’ll get a peek behind the scenes into how a picture book is created, from idea to printing.  They’ll learn five ways to generate ideas for their own stories.  Danny’s visuals trace his early interest in books and art, through his job as writer for children’s educational tv, and his ultimate career as author and artist.



Presentations are 45 minutes long and Danny will do four presentations in a day’s visit to your school. 


Writing workshops may be substituted for presentations.  In a writing workshop, students will dive right into writing with a number of different exercises to start those writing motors.



What People Say about Danny’s Presentation:


“I am writing to let you know that what you said didn’t go unnoticed.  Many of my students have picked up on some of the techniques that you used in your book and your speech.  What you do does make a difference.”  --Shannon T., 5th grade teacher, Dutch Fork Elementary, Irmo, SC


“Our students have been thrilled with each of your visits.  They are still talking about how much they learned about what it takes to be a successful author.  We received so many positive comments following your visits.  One teacher said, ‘I liked his opening with pictures of himself and his humor.’  The students really got a kick out of seeing all the different things you have done before writing and publishing your first book.  They also enjoyed seeing how the manuscript and work progressed during the process.  Students really enjoyed drawing their own monster.  Additionally, they like participating in the creation of a character.  We really appreciate your support of our Visiting Authors program.  We are grateful for the many visits you have made to the school this year.  And we look forward to having you back.”  --PTA Reading and Literacy Committee, Sope Creek Elementary, Marietta, GA


“The thing I liked most was when we drew the monsters.  Thanks again for coming.”  --Bret G., 5th grader, Carrollwood Elementary, Tampa, FL


“Thank you for speaking at our Atlanta conference.  We loved your book and will never think about eating peas in the same way again.  We loved your monsters.  You and they helped our conference to end in a fun way.”  --Stephen and Jeannie Schwartz, Society of School Librarians International



Equipment to be supplied by school:

*Overhead projector

*If the room is larger than a media center, a lavaliere microphone is helpful.

*Each student will need a hard surface to write on, 2 sheets of paper, and writing instrument.



Three ways to order books:

1.  From Peachtree Publishers.  Call Jason Hood at 404-876-8761.  Ask about discounts.

2.  From your local bookstore.   The bookstores give a smaller discount, but shipping and delivery will be included and they handle returns.  Some stores will come to your school to help with sales.

3.  From a distributor, like Baker and Taylor (800-775-1100)


*Send parents pre-order forms with the price of the book, a deadline date, a space for names to be inscribed in the book, and a space for the child’s grade and teacher.

*Many parents and teachers will decide to get a book on the day of the presentation, so order 20% more than you think you need.  You can always return unsold books.

*Place your order 6-8 weeks ahead, if possible.


To book Danny for an appearance, email Danny with possible dates, and someone will get back to you very soon!


If you’ve enjoyed one of Danny’s presentations and would like to share your positive experience with others, please send a recommendation.



Other Presentations Available:

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                      Copyright 2003, Danny Schnitzlein